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Take your guitar everywhere with you in complete safety. Your electric guitar, your bass or your ukulele deserve to be protected from dust, blows and scratches.

Before anything else, it is essential to analyse your needs. How often do you travel? What is your mode of transport? What is the value of your guitar?

Nylon guitar bag

This bag is often the most used protection by musicians.  The guitar bag is light, practical and inexpensive. The range extends from a simple model, without protection, to more luxurious models.
The so-called "simple" bag is very suitable for a beginner who just wants to protect his instrument from dust, scratches and light. He will be able to carry his guitar easily because these bags are equipped with a handle and back straps, as well as a large pocket to put his scores in.
Padded bags offer better protection, depending on the thickness and quality of the protective foam - choose high density foam.
The most expensive guitar bags, in addition to good protection, offer reinforcements at the bottom of the case to prevent soiling, waterproof fabric and zippers, head support inside, padded back straps for added comfort, and a multitude of pockets for sheet music and accessories.

Guitar soft cases

These cases are distinguished first of all by their shape: rectangular, triangular or guitar-shaped. Soft cases with the shape of the instrument will take up less space - but rectangular soft cases have the advantage of being more versatile and easier to store, especially for electric guitars with special shapes.
But the main advantage of these soft cases is their rigidity - they offer better protection against the elements and moderate shocks when you're on the move.
Just like the bags, you will find an interior compartment to store your accessories, as well as an external pocket to hold your sheet music.

Hard cases or flight cases

Rard cases or flight-cases ensure the best possible protection for your instrument in all your travels, including by plane.
The models differ by the material used to manufacture the hardshell case: wood, ABS, fibreglass, carbon fibre... Each one has its advantages: cost, resistance or weight, which should not be neglected, especially for air transport.
These models are rather intended for professional or semi-professional musicians.
Discover our wide range of bags and cases and protect your instrument from shocks, scratches and bad weather.