About Stagg

A Musical History

The history of our brand goes back to Japan in the 1970s, where Stagg began life as a guitar company, creating a wide range of iconic models. In 1995, Leonardo Baldocci, the founder and chairman of renowned worldwide Belgian music distribution group EMD Music, relaunched and expanded the brand, with a mission to offer quality instruments, audio and lighting, and accessories at an affordable cost. Today, the Stagg brand is available in over seventy countries and has over 120 employees at its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and around the world.

On January 24th 2020, Stagg has celebrated its 25th anniversary, a sign of continuous growth and proven success in the global market. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our brand throughout the year.


We Love Music

At Stagg, our global family is filled with passionate players, enthusiastic gearheads, talented luthiers and rabid fans.

An accomplished team of specialists design and customize products and source the best factories around the world to achieve their vision.


We Live A Musical Life

Everyone remembers the first time they picked up an instrument. The first bang of a drum or strum of a guitar, the fun and excitement of those inspired moments when the musical journey begins.

And that’s where Stagg comes in.

We want to get you hooked on that special feeling...the thrill of learning your first song, the beauty of discovering a sweet melody, the awesome power of coming up with a killer riff.

And remember, it’s never too late – or early – to get playing.

Our Vision

We are a global leader in providing exceptional, affordable instruments and accessories to all levels of aspiring musicians.


Find your Match

Our instruments are available all over the world through our extensive distribution network. You will always find a dealer near you!

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