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Are you the proud owner of an electro-acoustic or electric guitar? Discover our range of amplifiers and give power to your guitar.

Some history about guitar amps

Invented at the beginning of the last century, the function of the amplifier was, as its name suggests, to amplify the sound of certain acoustic instruments, mainly guitars, which tended to disappear in musical ensembles with, for example, brass or strings, whose sound is very powerful.

The amp would experience a major advance in the 1950s with the rise of the electric guitar and the "rock'n roll" sound, becoming the most popular instrument and finding itself in the spotlight.

Amplifiers fall into two main categories: tube amps and transistor amps. The Stagg brand has chosen to develop transistor amps solely, for their various advantages: sound consistency, ruggedness and cost.

Transistor amplifiers: synonymous with reliability

Compared to tube amplifiers, transistors tend to deliver a cooler sound and more restricted dynamics, but they have the advantage of being much more stable and less fragile.
When pushed to full power, the transistor amp alters the definition and the signal. So, choose a model that is above your actual power requirements.
Note that these amplifiers are light but also robust and therefore easy to transport.
The essential components being inexpensive, the price of a transistor amp is very often affordable and gives access to satisfactory products in terms of price-quality ratio.

The power of your guitar amp

An element too often neglected when choosing your amplifier, power plays a major role in the quality of sound.  It can vary between 1 and 100W or even more.

Choose the power according to your use: individual, group or stage use, but also according to your guitar: electro-acoustic or electric.
Note that the power also depends on the amplifier technology and the loudspeaker used: a 100-watt transistor amp can be roughly compared to a 30-watt tube amp.
Transistor range :

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