What would your musical instrument be without its accessories? Whether they are essential to produce sound or welcome to improve your playing comfort, accessories are an extension of your musical instrument. Find out more about Stagg's accessories, from cables to guitar covers to piano benches.

Cables and power adapters

To get the most out of your instruments or amps, you need all kinds of cables. Don't worry, Stagg is here for you. We offer a wide range of cables such as microphone, speaker, strap, Y-cable, video, patch, jack/jack, RCA/RCA, jack/RCA, XLR/RCA, RCA/XLR, DIN/DIN and many more. No doubt, you will find what you need at Stagg.

We also have 9-volt power adapters so you can play easily, anywhere.

Guitar accessories: tuners, metronomes and strings

Stringed instruments can go out of tune quickly. If you have trouble finding the right string chords by ear, use a tuner. This device will tell you as soon as the tension of your strings is adjusted properly. We offer different models of chromatic or auto chromatic tuners, with clip.
Another very useful device to help you play in the right tempo: the metronome. It marks the beat to guide you towards a perfect performance of your piece.

Finally, if you need to replace one or more strings on your guitar, we also offer sets of strings (bronze, steel, nylon...).

Keyboard accessories and piano benches

Playing on your keyboard has never been so comfortable with Stagg accessories. Stands and stand extensions, covers and cases, headphones and earphones, lights, microphone stands... we've got all the keyboard accessories you need.

Want to play your piano for hours on end, but your seat is uncomfortable? You'll find the perfect seat in our assortment of piano benches and stools.

Whether you're stationary or on the move, there's always an accessory for you

Are you taking music lessons or do you want to play your instrument away from home? It is essential to choose a quality case to transport your musical instrument easily and safely. Guitar, cymbals, drums, keyboard, violins, cellos... Discover all our cases and bags adapted to take your instrument with you.
Between two playing sessions, you need to be able to store your instrument at home, in a dedicated place, where it won't fall or get damaged. For this, we have several models of stands for guitar, violins, cellos, double bass, flute, clarinet... Foldable or wall-mounted, you will find the ideal stand for your home.