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Guitar accessories are as numerous and varied as the instruments for which they are intended; some are almost indispensable while others are related to one specific instrument, player or style of music. How do you choose your guitar accessories?

Guitar and bass accessories

Let's start with the essentials. The guitar is an instrument that we like to carry around with us, so the most common guitar accessories are gigbags and cases, they are certainly the most common ukulele accessories too. If you choose a gigbag rather than a case, don't neglect the thickness of the padding: the thicker the padding, the better the instrument will be protected from the inevitable shocks.
Once the instrument has been removed from its transport protection, it must be put down safely, this is the role of the guitar stands. They are divided into two large families, wall stands and floor stands, the latter having the advantage that they can be folded up and taken away for rehearsals or on the road. 
A set of guitar strings is more than an accessory: it is a part of the instrument, it is wise to always have a spare set of guitar strings at hand. The choice of strings is extremely important, the string gauge as well as the alloy of which it is made will have an important impact on your sound and the pleasure you will have in playing, do not neglect this aspect. Professionals regularly change their guitar strings in order to keep all the harmonic richness, especially the bass strings. It is advisable to change all the guitar strings at the same time, for the homogeneity of the sound. Tip: keep your old set of guitar strings, you can use an old string as a backup, if a new one should break.
Classical guitarists play sitting down and appreciate a footrest, they are not the only ones: picking enthusiasts and some jazzmen also use it. But many guitarists prefer to play standing up: so a guitar strap is a must. If looks are important, consider comfort as well: a wide, padded guitar strap will be appreciated at long concerts or rehearsals.
Guitars must be tuned. Frequently. Don't forget the indispensable guitar tuner. We highly recommend clip-on tuners, always ready when you need them.
Nothing prohibits the use of the plectrum or pick on nylon strings, but the result is more interesting on a guitar with steel strings, acoustic or electric.
If you use an electro-acoustic or electric guitar, remember to get a guitar cable of good quality and of sufficient length.
It remains to mention the guitar capo, a great accessory that allows you to transpose the instrument a few (half-)tones higher. Be careful to choose the right model: the fingerboard of classical guitars is flat, unlike that of electric or acoustic steel string guitars, which is slightly curved, so the type of capo is not the same.
Finally, the essential accessory for the blues: the bottle-neck (or "slide"), now available in glass or metal, which is also used in rock, blues or country music.

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