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Want to learn to play guitar without spending a lot of money? Check out our range of guitars for beginners and get started. Our guitar and bass models are the perfect combination of quality sound and affordability. The perfect way to finally get motivated to start. Now it's your turn to play!

The guitar: the ideal instrument for beginners

The guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn. Many pop songs are made up of just three chords. With a little practice, you'll be able to play a few songs in a week or two! Guitars are also very versatile: you can play just about any style of music, from jazz and pop to funk and rock.

In addition to electric guitars, there are also acoustic guitars. There are two types of acoustic guitars. Classical guitar music is played on a classical guitar with nylon strings. If you like pop songs, country music and all sorts of other styles, you will usually play a steel string acoustic guitar. Steel string guitars come in a variety of models, such as the Dreadnought, Jumbo and Auditorium, and in six and twelve string versions.

There are also acoustic guitars with built-in pickups. Although different in design, these electro-acoustic guitars can be connected to an amplifier, just like an electric guitar. They are equipped with nylon or steel strings. The pickup is usually located under the bridge?.

Another reason why the guitar is such a popular instrument for beginners? You can learn to play it without learning music theory. Chord charts and tablature make it easy to see which string to press and which fret. YouTube has some great lessons for beginners.
If you want to play classical guitar, however, you will of course have to learn to read notes. Another argument in favour of the guitar is that no matter what type of guitar you play, it's always easy to carry your instrument in a case or gigbag.

The bass guitar 

Shortly after the invention of the electric guitar, the first electric bass guitar appeared as well. With its thicker and longer strings, it sounds much lower than a normal guitar (one octave). Most bass guitars have only four strings, but they also come with five or more. As with the guitar, there are thousands of songs that you can learn to play with tablature, without learning music theory. And just like for guitarists, YouTube offers lessons for beginner bassists.

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