Piano benches and stools

If you use your office chair as a seat during your musical moments, it is time to find a more appropriate seat, a tool designed for playing the piano and which will not hinder your musical practice.

Discover our wide range of piano benches. Our piano seats are the perfect combination of comfort and durability. 

How to choose a piano bench?

Here are some criteria you should consider when choosing a piano bench.

The weight of the piano bench, which is too often neglected, is an important criterion. The advantage of a heavy piano seat is its stability. But if you move regularly, prefer a light bench or even a piano stool. If space and weight are important to you, a piano stool is an excellent choice. It usually has 3 legs, but is less stable. Some piano benches have a box under the seat to hold your music. Leather or velvet? Apart from the aesthetic criteria, leather is a better compromise between hardness and comfort.

The importance of ergonomics when choosing your piano bench

Most piano stools are about 45 centimetres high, which is adequate for most pianists. Depending on your playing preference or if you are above or below average height, you should choose an adjustable piano bench.

The height can be adjusted in two ways: with a turning handle or with a screw. Both solutions offer extreme stability while playing. The hydraulic mechanism is the best: it adjusts precisely and effortlessly. This is the ideal solution when several players are playing the instrument in succession.

Discover all our models above, available for purchase from our many dealers, sit back and start playing!