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Effect pedals are essential for the guitarist who wants to find a unique and personal sound. How do you choose from the so many guitar pedals? Find out about all the models and their features. So, will you prefer an Overdrive, Distortion or Fuzz pedal?

Saturation pedals: Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz

The Overdrive effect reproduces the overall sound of a tube amp in saturation. It will tend to add texture and gain to your sound. If you want a heavier, more powerful sound, the Distortion pedal is the answer. It's the aggressive version of the Overdrive, providing over-saturation and over-compression, a must for rock and metal guitarists. As for the Fuzz effect, its sound moves away from that of the tube amp to offer a more granular and thicker sound.

Modulation pedals: Chorus, Flanger and Phaser

The purpose of these effect pedals is to shape your sound and add depth to it.

And you, what effect do you want to bring to your playing? Check out all of our guitar pedals.