98Pro DJ/ Monitor, closed-back, stereo headphones with circumaural ear pads

For sound monitoring in professional recording, TV & broadcast studios or live sound and DJ applications # Ø 50mm (2") drivers and high sensitivity neodymium magnet for high quality dynamic sound
Closed-back design for excellent isolation, even in noisy environments
Convenient, auto-swivel ear-cups for single-sided monitoring
Adjustable, padded headband for comfortable wearing over extended periods of use
32 Ohms
101dB/ mW
200mW (max. rated)
10Hz to 25 kHz
200g/ 7.5oz
Straight cord (2m x Ø 2.2mm) with gold plated 1/8"(3.5 mm) mini stereo phone plug
Gold plated ¼"(6.3mm) stereo plug adaptor, included
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