Tom Bevan


Tom Bevan began playing the drums at age 13 after many years of driving his friends and family insane by constantly tapping on any surface within arms reach. His first kit was a second (or maybe tenth) hand "Thunder" kit bought from a family friend for around £20. He joined his first band a year later and began playing regularly at the local bars and venues, including a headline slot at the well known live music venue "The Sugarmill" at only 15.

After realising that drumming had become a true passion Tom soon upgraded to his current kit, a white Premier Cabria and shortly after had his first taste of Stagg cymbals at his local music shop. He was instantly hooked, and thus began his now almost 10 year long addiction to Stagg. Tom then went on to play with several artists and bands on a local and national level including Stoke-on-Trent goliaths Betrayal and HeadrusH as well as frequent session work live and in the studio and several function/covers bands. Tom currently plays with Staffordshire based metal band "False Pretence" and you can check their most recent release, Miss Direction.

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