Serch Carriere


Serch Carriere was the first Belgian endorser of Stagg products. For well over a decade now, he has been testing the limits of our drum equipment with his hard-hitting grooves in bands like BEAR, Overlord, Cyclus and previously The Set Up. And we love him for that. He may just be our perfect testing laboratory. Anyone that has seen Serch play, knows what we mean!

Serch restores and pimps worn down drum kits with his very own ‘3nGiNe customs,’ for which he always advises Stagg hardware and cymbals to supplement the kit. Serch also ‘recycles’ old cymbals for innovation projects to discover new sounds. Yes, he cuts them up to discover new bells and rings. So, if you have damaged or dull stuff you want to get rid off, give Serch a nudge. He may just come up with something crazy that we could use in our product lines.

He is an avid (ab)user of the Myra series, a cymbal line that seems to cover all his needs for sound and durability. He definitely is one of the hardest hitters out there and needs cymbals that can withstand heavy beatings during a set, while maintaining their perfect and crisp sounds.

For protection of his kit during his quite heavy hardcore and metal tour schedules he always relies on our Stagg Cases do get the job done. Handy, easy to stack, solid and light makes these cases the best option to protect his prized possessions while on the road.

With such a powerful drumming style, Serch also needs a powerful stick! The balanced and solid Stagg American Hickory 5B's are the perfect sticks to get the job done!

“Playing for Stagg has always given me a very cosy feeling. It is so much more than just ‘having an endorsement deal’. I have been very closely involved in some of the new product developments. It feels great to have your input and experience valued. I never forget that Stagg enables my musical freedom.”


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