Danny Shaw

Live and studio drummer

Danny Shaw started his first drum and recording studio at age 17. Since then he's been working as a session and studio drummer and has worked with artists such as Matt Johnson from Jamiroquai, Graham Massey from 808 State, Shatta Wale the Dancehall King and many more.

Danny currently has some exciting things in the pipeline with some world-renowned artists using the Stagg Genghis and Furia series.

“I really have a passion for any rare genres from around the world, I also have a love for salsa and reggae. In these settings where my playing must be diverse, I find myself using the Furia and Sensa line as they always fit within any world music situation. The Furia 13” hats, in particular, are sharp and precise and really lock in with my playing style.”

You can catch Danny hitting the festivals with Golty Farabeau and Captain Stingrays Groove Machine.