Astral series 5-piece professional drum set with hardware, yellow melaleuca finish

22 x 16" bass drum (single-ply clear batter head with muffle ring), 16 x 16" floor tom (double-ply clear batter head), 10 x 8" tom tom (double-ply clear batter head), 12 x 9" tom tom (double-ply clear batter head) and 14 x 5.5" snare drum (single-ply white coated batter head)
Poplar, 6-ply
Suspension tom bracket system with central tom post on the bass drum
52 series hardware pack (boom stand x 2, hi-hat stand x 1, snare stand x 1, drum throne x 1, single drum pedal x 1), drum key x 1 and pair of drum sticks x 1
Yellow melaleuca
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